نمونه خوب گزارش نویسی رایتینگ تسک اول آکادمیک


احسان سعیدپور

    The diagram illustrates the steps involved in how aluminium drinks cans are recycled. Overall there are three stages in the process, from the cans being sorted and collected at the collection centre, to the melting down of the cans at the recycling plant forming new aluminium, to new cans being put back into drinks machines.

    In the collection centre, drinks cans are put into a recycling bin and then separated into aluminium and steel. Following this, the sorted cans are transported to the recycling centre where they are crushed into cubes ready for melting down. Regarding the recycling process itself, the cubes of old aluminium are melted down at high temperatures and turned into bars of new aluminium.

    As soon as the new aluminium bars are ready, they are then made into thin sheets and rolled up. Next, the rolled-up aluminium is used to make new drinks cans. Once the cans are formed, they are ready to be distributed to drinks machines where the process is repeated. (168 words)

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